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Uniform Policy

Stratton Meadows students are expected to wear the appropriate uniforms outlined below. We feel uniforms help create an environment where students can focus on learning and not on how they look. If students are out of compliance, a phone call home will be made. Parents/Guardians will be asked to bring in the proper uniform clothing.

Tops (Black, Red, White, or Navy Blue)

  • Polo style shirt with two, three, or four-button and a collar (short or long sleeve is acceptable)
  • Panther Cub shirts sold online for Spirit Day Fridays
  • Underlayer options are open but the shirt on top must be uniform
  • Crew neck sweatshirts or cardigans are allowed with the polo shirt under
    • Plain front and back
    • NO Hoods (hoodies) or pockets

Bottoms (Tan/Khaki, Navy Blue, or Black)

  • Dress bottoms, capris, jumpers, slacks, shorts and skirts
  • Jumpers, shorts, and skirts must be fingertip length or longer
  • NO cargo pants are allowed
  • NO side pockets are allowed
  • NO denim or athletic/knit material is allowed
  • NO Leggings/Stretch Pants without a skirt
  • NO oversized bottoms are allowed


  • Closed-toed shoes, choice of style
  • Heels should be no higher than one inch and heels cannot be worn on Gym days
  • No open-toed shoes including "flip flops", sandals, or "wheelies-type”

Hats & Accessories

  • No hats, bandanas, or other headgear are allowed unless head covering is for religious purposes